The Merritt Beginning

            A Graduate of Brownsburg High School, Tom Merritt got his introduction to the industry how most do, by being a laborer. The company began as what would today be considered a side hustle, with Tom keeping his then full-time job and working nights and weekends to get the business off the ground.

           Tom started small, doing grading work with nothing more than a pick-up truck, trailer, and grading tractor. Today, a short twenty-some years later, Merritt has grown into a multi-million dollar company capable of completing mass earthwork and concrete projects with incredible detail, all while employing over 60 people. Tom is still a very active part of the organization and it is not uncommon to find him checking over a job site, going over the details of an upcoming bid, or even getting in a bulldozer from time to time. 

          Merritt Contracting would be nothing without the people that make up the company. People like Dennis Reagan who started working for Tom as a summer job in college while the company was operating out of Tom's garage. People like Tom's brother George who, while the company was in its early stages would work part-time while keeping his full-time job working at Ford. Or someone like Jesus Barrios whose dedication and work ethic are unmatched. Without these people, Merritt would without a doubt not be where it is today, and that should not go without mention.

Tom Merritt

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